C. James Brown

Earl Town

A middle-age private eye living in exile from his past life in a small bucolic New Hampshire town, ex-cop Earl Town drinks too much, misses his former life, and has little willpower when being seduced by a beautiful woman.

When a young beautiful professional enters his office and asks him to find her boss – a missing Wall St. executive – Earl Town believes he’s found just the case to lift his spirits and business. But once hired, this self-described gumshoe is confronted with his past failures, while becoming the target of a rich and murderous elite centered around a yacht club in Greenwich, CT. So begins the first in a series of novels featuring Earl Town, a wise-cracking, flawed, but honorable man, and a damn good private eye.

A combination of fast-paced action, sparkling dialogue, loads of laughs, and a compelling cast of characters, make Indian Summer, the debut novel from C. James Brown, an awfully fun ride.

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About the Author

The son of a policeman, who has spent a quarter-century working with the world's largest asset managers, C. James Brown has lived a fish out of water story. His goal is to make writing fiction his final career and for Earl Town to become a regular part of the reader's life. Indian Summer is his first novel.


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